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1812 : The “Château les Pâques” has belonged to the Martin family for several generations. The viticulture expertise in the family extends back to the nineteenth century when André Martin, our ancestor, marry to Catherine Chabanais in 1812. Thus, they now live in Les Pâques village. After nine generations, Martin family is still living in this village.


1970 : Yvan and Claudette Martin took over, the usage started to change. They increased the area of the vineyard. They also changed part of the vineyard by replacing the Ugni Blanc and Colombard white grape varieties with red grapes such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.



1982 : They began to produce the first bottles of Château Les Pâques and starts the fayres in Laigné en Belin and Coulommiers.




1991 : Bruno and Marie-Cécile Martin start to work. They continue the transformation of the vineyard by planting the entire vineyard with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc and thus transforming the winery. Bruno introduced new technics of winemaking and he has a main objective, produce a wine of very good quality.




2017 : Tony, their son, join his parents. He gives new ideas after some travels in the south of France, Burgundy, Alsace and in New-Zealand. He has for example the idea to start a new wine, the “Cuvée Petit Port and start to export the wines.



For the last nine generations, Martin family belong to the history of Les Pâques village. Thus, we choose the easter bells (Pâques means easter in French and easter eggs are delivered by bells in France) as our logo.


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